Hey you, I’m Bryce! I am a Software Engineer and Data Scientist turned Indie Hacker.

I built NowLedge because I could not find a way to organize clearly and easily my notes when reading my documents. I now use NowLedge everyday and since that I never lose a bit of the knowledge I extract from my books, papers, … (insert any type of document that contains knowledge).

I’ve been reading a lot of university course book, essays, papers as I was a Software Engineer student and then a Data Scientist but I don’t really remember them. That’s a shame, this knowledge we extract is priceless and we should never be able to lose it.

I’m not the kind of person that takes notes, and I especially don’t like to write anything. But with NowLedge it became so easy to take notes that I just do it every time now, taking a note is like a checkpoint in the book and represents that bit of knowledge you want to save in your brain.

Books, papers, … are invaluable. Let’s get the most out of them, now. NowLedge is a try at solving this, I hope you will like it!

Bryce Tichit

I am building a lot of different things, check it out on my blog where I document my indie hacker adventure.